Add more color, taste, and shapes to your menu with Solo Shtil's Edible Orchids, available throughout the year. Select a colorful dendrobium or a scentful cambria, add an exotic oncidium or the gentle epidendrum for a touch of wealth and taste.

Edible Orchids
A prestigious and exciting new ingredient for he discerning chef

Flowers had long been a beautiful and popular garnish on many chef's dishes. These days, top chefs are looking for new and exciting ways to enhance their culinary creations.
Enter Solo Shtil's Edible Orchids – cultivated specifically to be served as an edible garnish to any dish, or as an exotic ingredient in any recipe.
These colorful and elegant orchids will add glamour, elegance, and sensual freshness to any becerage or dish, and turn any meal into a memorable event.

Solo Shtil: A Family Business of Agricultural Innovation

Solo Shtil is the largest and most experienced plant-nursery in Israel, specializing in growing and packaging orchids for export. The business was established in 1982 by brothers Yossi and Yitzhak Solomon, and is spread over 50,000 sqm of greenhouses, 30,000 sqm of which are dedicated to phalaenopsis and dendrobium of different cultivars.

In the past few years Solo Shtil had been developing special breeds of Edible Orchids, and is proud to be the sole Israeli supplier of this unique and prestigious flower to European markets.

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