Solo Shtil

"Solo Shtil" plant nursery, is located in Shahar town, owned by the Isaac Solomon family and has been in business since 1982. It is a family owned firm, which over time has been able to integrate the next generation of operations and plant nursery management. Today the company is managed by Amit and Eran, the sons of Isaac Solomon, who were groomed for the part. "Solo Shtil" is a company that grows orchids and houseplants, for marketing in Israel and abroad. "Sholoshtil" operates a 35-acres greenhouses, well-equipped with all the supportive systems for maximum climate control. The firm's main specialty is orchid grooming, a niche branch that has grown and developed very successfully since 2004.

The plant nursery has expended its activity and succeeded over the years to employ more than 50 people, in a variety of planting and growing fields. The significant field is the growth of orchids that bloom for sale in Israel and abroad. Today, we are the leading, largest plant nursery in the country at growing orchids. "Solo Shtil" specializes in two main orchid products: Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis. Another field where "Solo Shtil" specializes in is rose planting, it was its main branch and produced great success in Israel and abroad.

In 2001, the production of rose planting was transferred to Kenya – Africa, where a company called "Solo Plant Kenya" was established. The vast experience and knowledge gained by the company in rose planting is reflected in the success of the plant nursery in Kenya, which produces about 7 million rose plants per year for the developing African market.

In addition to growing orchids and roses, we also grow various houseplants and aim to continue to expand the nursery's product portfolio.

Professionalism, efficiency, reliability and innovation – these are the four basic principles of "Solo Shtil".

We strive to implement these principles with constant involvement, supervision and employment of a professional and skilled development team.


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